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Remote Teaching and Learning

Jan 13 2021

All Teaching and Learning will now be conducted through your son's Micro-soft 365 account, with most of the instruction coming through his “Teams App”. He has already received his logins and has also received some training in this area during his first term in school.  To access the platform, go to and use the username and password assigned to your son. You can access this platform from several devices at the same time, so you as a parent/guardian can also login to the account at any time to monitor your sons assigned work.   

To assist your son over the coming weeks, I would encourage you to organise a quiet area in the house for him to set up a workstation. He will need access to a device each day, this devise does not have to be a laptop or computer, a mobile phone or tablet device will allow the same access to his 365 account. He will need access to Wi-Fi or data on his mobile device in order to view and submit work, however this does not need to be for the duration of the time he is completing his work. If using mobile data to access and submit work, this can be switched on and off as the need arises.

It would be very beneficial for you to spend some time with your son arranging a timetable for the day. The work assigned to your son will be in line with his school timetable, meaning teachers will assign work on the days which they should be teaching the subject in school. Teachers may use a range of different teaching techniques over the coming week, teachers may assign assignments with a start date and submission date, they may upload a video lesson, they may assign questions from a textbook and in many cases may teach a lesson live.

Good luck with your studies for the coming weeks and make sure you get a healthy mix of school work and physical activity.  

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