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Admissions policy




The Patrician High School is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School for boys, operating under the Trusteeship of the Bishop of Clogher.

The school is managed by a Board of Management, is funded by the Department of Education and Science and operates within the regulations and guidelines set down from time to time by that Department. The school has a very active Parentsp Council and Studentsp Council.

Origin and History of the Patrician High School

The Patrician High School has over one hundred yearsp experience of education in Carrickmacross. Since it first opened its doors on Monday 25th August 1902 when Br Stanislaus Slattery enrolled 7 boys, it has promoted the personal, spiritual, physical, creative and academic development of its students. From its early base within the monastery itself, the school moved to temporary accommodation in the Catholic Hall in 1907 and then onto O Neill Street in 1909 when there were 28 pupils on the school roll. By 1963 there was an enrolment of almost 90 and it became clear to the Brothers that a new, larger school building was needed. The new High School was officially opened on Friday October 29th 1971 on its present day site with an enrolment of 175 pupils and a teaching staff of 15. The school caters for pupils from all socio-economic groups and is open to pupils of all abilities, races and creeds.


The Patrician High School aims, with the resources available, to provide the best possible environment in order to cater for the cultural, educational, moral, physical, religious, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions of all students. We show special concern for the disadvantaged and we make every effort to ensure that the uniqueness and dignity of each person is respected, and responded to, especially through the pastoral care system in the school. We realise too, that we must cater for the changing needs of to-dayps world and towards that end, we frequently review our various programmes. Being keenly aware of the ever-increasing effect of outside influences on the lives of our students, we are even more concerned to maintain Christian values and practices.

Within the context of the Department of Education and Science regulations and programmes, the rights of the Trustees/Board of Management as set out in the Education Act 1998 (Section 15 (1), (2)), and the funding and resources available the school supports the following principles:

v Inclusiveness, particularly with reference to the enrolment of students with a disability or other special educational needs

v Equality with respect to maximum access and participation in the school

v Parental choice in relation to choice of school, having regard for the characteristic spirit of the school

v Respect for the diversity of beliefs, languages, traditions and ways of life in society

School Resources

The financial and teaching resources of the school are provided by a combination of Department of Education and Science grants, teacher allocations, voluntary subscriptions and contributions and occasional fund-raising.

Any queries arising from the Admissions Policy may be addressed to the Principal..

Admissions Procedures.


The Admissions Policy is issued by the Manager in accordance with the provisions of Section 15(d) of the Education Act 1998 and all related legislative and regulatory requirements.

This Policy is intended to reflect and give full effect to:

1. The schoolps mission statement

2. The rights and obligations of the patron as set out in the Education Act(s) and related legislation.

The Manager wishes to clarify that the current Policy is prepared within the context of:

1. The parameters of all guidelines, regulations and programmes currently made available by the Department of Education and Science and/or by the Patron

2. The funding and resources currently made available to the school by the Department of Education and Science and any other sources.

When dealing with Admissions the School seeks to fulfil the above goals in the following manner, namely to allocate the number of places available:

1. Firstly on the basis of its Mission as a Roman Catholic school;

2. Secondly on the basis of supporting the family ethos within education by providing education services for the children of families who already have, or have recently had, a brother of the applicant attend the School for his post primary education.

3. And thirdly to make reasonable provision and accommodation for students within its own locality or demographic area, including students with disability and special educational needs, in accordance with the resources provided by the DES and otherwise available to it.

In and subject to the above context, the School supports the principles of inclusiveness, equality of access and participation in the school, and parental choice in relation to enrolment and applications for admission to the School. Again, in and subject to that context, the School expresses respect for diversity of traditions, values, beliefs, languages and ways of life within the community it serves today.

Parents seeking admission of their children to the School are invited to carefully read this Policy and to recognize that this Policy sets out:

1. The kind of School and Education to which they are seeking to admit their child

2. The basis of dealing with their Application.

Accordingly, Parents in completing their Application to the School:

1. Duly recognize and commit themselves accordingly on their own part (and on behalf of their son) to the School ethos and Mission in the event that their son is admitted as a pupil to the School

2. Duly recognize and accept this Policy as the basis for treating their sonps application for admission to the School.

The school must comply with Department of Education and Science guidelines in relation to class size, staffing provisions, accommodation and health and welfare of children that may affect the number of new enrolments that the school may admit in any one year.

Students who are eligible for Admission:

Will have reached the required age of 12 on the 1st January in the calendar year following the childps entry into First Year. (The school must require that a Birth Certificate be produced with the Application in order to comply with the above Department of Education and Science requirement).
Have completed Sixth class in Primary School
Are willing, in conjunction with their parents, to accept the school ethos
Are willing, with parents/guardians, to accept the school Code of Behaviour, practices, procedures and all other existing school policies
Are willing to take an Assessment Test.

Academic Year 2013/2014:
Maximum First Year Enrolment 96 pupils as proposed and agreed by Board of Management

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be followed in selecting students where there are more applications than places available:

Students of the religious faith that is promoted in the founding intention of the school i.e. Roman Catholics

Students who already have brothers who attended or are in attendance at the school, or are children of past pupils, or have close family connections with the school

Students from the school's community and catchment area

Exceptional circumstance

The closing date for receipt of completed application forms is the end of the first week in the February prior to enrolment.

Application Forms are available by calling to or telephoning the School Office (042 9661525) or from primary schools in the catchment area.

Late applications will only be considered after all applications received on time have been processed.

Places are allocated as soon as possible but not later than twenty-one school working days after the closing date.


In welcoming applications from students with special educational needs, the school will use the resources, (finance and personnel) provided by the Department of Education and Science, to make reasonable provision and accommodation for all such students and will ensure that these students are free to participate in the life of the school in so far as is reasonably practicable.

School management and parents must cooperate, from the earliest possible time, to establish the special educational needs of the student, the resources required to meet those needs and the submission of a well researched request to the Department of Education and Science and its agencies seeking the allocation of appropriate resources. Parents are encouraged to contact the school well in advance of the admissions process should they feel that their son has special education needs as considerable delays have been experienced by schools in receiving a response from the Department of Education and Science to a request for special resources.

In making provision for special educational need students the following information is required.

Has the student had access to any of the following resources?

1. Special needs assistant or classroom assistant

2. Special class

3. Help, for specific needs, from any Resource or Learning Support teacher

4. Assistance with behaviour modification

5. Psychological assessment. (Report to be provided)

6. Any additional resources to help with his special needs

7. Help in areas including, visual impairment, hearing impairment, general learning disability or emotional disturbance

8. Any resource in relation to travel or mobility. Etc.

If an expert report is provided, it should include a workable strategy for addressing the needs, allowing for the resources available.

The Management, having gathered all relevant information and professional documentation, assesses how the needs of the special needs students can be met.

Final confirmation of a place may, in exceptional cases, have to be withheld until the Department of Education and Science confirms that the necessary resources are to be allocated and in very exceptional circumstances it may be decided that, even in the event of additional resources being provided by the Department, the school may not be in a position to provide an appropriate education due to the nature of a particular students special educational needs.

The Patrician High School Learning Support and Resource policies are available from the school office or from this website.

Transfer of a student from another Second Level school.

The Patrician High School will make every reasonable effort to facilitate a student seeking a transfer to our school if he has legitimate reasons for transferring. We reserve the right to consult with the authorities of his previous school and obtain information regarding behaviour, educational progress, subject choices, term reports, disabilities and special needs. The student will be interviewed in the company of a parent /guardian. The student is required to be truthful and honest about his disciplinary record in his previous school. Unaccompanied students will not be enrolled.

Students may transfer into the school at any time subject to:

1. The schoolps admissions policy

2. The school being satisfied with the reason for the transfer. (Information will be requested from the student's former school concerning behaviour, attendance, educational progress, subject choices, term reports, disabilities and special needs, reasons for transfer as per Section 20 of the Educational Welfare Act.)

3. The school regarding the move in the best interest of the student

4. Available space

5. The schoolps curriculum provision being suitable for the student

6. The best interest of the school

7. Consultation with the Educational Welfare Officer, if appropriate.

The school will require an application, in writing, from the student and his parents/guardians detailing any positive contributions the student can make to the school.

The Patrician High School Principal shall, before registering a student from another school, provide the parents/guardians with a copy of the Admissions Policy and Code of Behaviour/Suspensions-Expulsions Policy in respect of the school and may, as a condition of so registering such a student, require the pupilps parents/guardians to confirm in writing that the Admissions Policy, Code of Behaviour and all the schoolps policies are acceptable to them and they shall make all reasonable effort to ensure compliance with such by their child.

Where a student is considered for a place, the decision will be taken by the school, in, consultation with the studentps parents/guardians, his former school, the education welfare officer, whether such a place may be offered, immediately, or whether it would be better to wait until the beginning of the next academic year.

Enrolment Procedure

Parents/Guardians must return the Application Form for admission to First Year by the end of the first week in the February prior to enrolment.

The Manager shall make a decision in respect of the application concerned and inform the parents in writing thereof not later than 21 days after the final date for receipt of completed application forms as set out in the Education Welfare Act [Section 19, (3)].

In the case of students with special education needs, the Manager, having received the relevant information, will make a decision and inform the parents in writing of this decision as per the terms outlined in an earlier part of this policy.

There will be an Assessment Test, which all incoming First Year students must sit.

Failure to sit for this test may result in the forfeiture of the place in the school. This test is used to assess attainment levels in order to best cater for students according to their needs. It takes place after the enrolment process has been completed and consequently has no bearing on a decision to enrol a student or not.

There will be an Information Evening for all incoming students and their parents/guardians. This is a vital part of our enrolment process. Parents/ guardians are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting.

Parents/guardians are requested to pay a voluntary amenity fee to cover the cost of stationery, printing and postage etc. Contact, in confidence, should be made with the Principal should you require special consideration in relation to this request.

On completion of the enrolment process a request will be made for all relevant information to be made available from the studentps previous school, including such matters as attendance record, behaviour issues, special education needs etc. This will assist the school in making appropriate education provision for each student.

Parents may request copies of the following when they are applying for an Application Form:

1. Prospectus

2. Admissions Policy

3. Code of Behaviour / Suspensions-Expulsions Policy

The Manager reserves the right to refuse an application for admission in exceptional circumstances.


Appeals will be determined by the Local Appeals Committee in the light of all the facts presented to it and having due regard to:

v The enrolment policy

v The established practices within the school for dealing with issues /grievances which are the subject matter of the appeal, including where relevant and available, any statutory or non-statutory procedures, guidelines, regulations or other provisions in operation at anytime

v The educational interests of the student who is the subject of the appeal

v The educational interests of all other students in the school

v The effective operation and management of the school

v Any resource implications arising from the issues under appeal

v Such other matters as the Appeals Committee considers relevant.

Section 29 of the Education Act 1998 provides for an appeal process to the Secretary General of The Department of Education and Science. In general, such an appeal must be made within 42 days of the notification by the school of its refusal to enrol. Full details of what is entailed in these procedures are available from the school upon request.

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