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Teachers: L Healy, S Nestor, R. Reynolds, O. McCarville

3rd Year CSPE Trip to Dail Eireann

On Thursday 17th October three of our 3rd year classes visited Dail Eireann as part of their CSPE Project. Included in the visit was a tour around the Gonernment Bulidings and the students also got to sit at listen to a debate in the Dail between the TD's.

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Tues Nov 25th - Politicians Visit CSPE Classes

This week saw Ruairi O'Hanlon, Seymour Crawford and Margaret Conlon visit CSPE classes in
the Patrician High School. They visited as part of the 'Oireachtas and U!' program
designed to fire up an interest in politics in the younger generations. The day began
with a political workshop for 2nd and 3rd Year students, facilitated by Sharon Murphy .
Then it was question time for the politicians who faced a barrage of questions ranging
from the plans to erect high voltage pylons throughout Co Monaghan to the roadworks
currently clogging up Carrickmacross. They spoke about the typical day of a full time
politician and the job satisfaction they gained from their public service. Finally they
made a concerted effort to defend the recent education cuts that will come into effect
after Christmas but, it has to be said, they did not succeed in convincing the students
of the Patrician High School that these cuts were in any way just or fair. Thanks to
teacher Linda Healy for orgainising the visit. Both CSPE classes have been invited to
attend the Oireachtas after Christmas and plan to accept the offer.

Thursday December 18th - CSPE Class Travel to Dail

Pictured below are Ms Healy's 3rd Yr CSPE class who travelled to the Dail for a tour today. Also in picture are TD Margaret O'Hanlon and TD Ruairi O'Hanlon.

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