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Football 07/08

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U-13 Football Team

Managed by Mr Dunne and Mr Martin

Panel: C Finnegan, E Cassidy, A Lynch, P Lyndon, P McMahon, C Clerkin, F Lonergan, P Keenan, N Clerkin, O McDonnell, J Coleman, D Jones, C Meegan, A McMahon, K O'Hanlon, N Loughman, F Daly, G McConnell, F Keenan, S Finnegan, K Rudden, N Hand, P Matthews

Results to date:

Fri 11th April

St Eunans Letterkenny 2-05, High School 2-04 (Scorers: P Keenan 2-1, A McMahon 0-03, N Loughman 0-01)

Tuesday 22nd April

Knock Belfast 3-05, High School 5-15 (Scorers: P Keenan 3-05, C Meegan 1-02, J Coleman 0-03, K O'Hanlon 0-03, A McMahon 1-02)

Thurs 24th April

St Malachy's Belfast 3-06, High School 3-10 (Scorers: P Keenan 2-06, K O'Hanlon 0-03, J Coleman 1-00, K Rudden 0-01)

Mon 28th April

High School 6-07, Rathmor 2-04 (Scorers: P Keenan 2-02, J Coleman 2-01, N Loughman 1-00, K Rudden 1-00, A McMahon 0-01, N Clerkin 0-01, C Meegan 0-01, K O'Hanlon 0-01)

Tues 6th May Ulster Quarter Final

High School 8-13, La Salle Belfast 3-06 (Scorers: P Keenan 3-07, J Coleman 3-01, K O'Hanlon 1-02, A McMahon 1-00, K Rudden 0-02, O McDonnell 0-01)

Mon 12th May, Ulster Semi-Final

High School 5-12, St Eunan's Letterkenny 1-03 (Scorers: P Keenan , K O'Hanlon, A McMahon, O McDonnell, N Loughman

Ulster Final


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2007 U13 Ulster Blitz Champions

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The 2007/08 team that reached the Ulster final

Some images from the Ulster Final. Click on image to enlarge.

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U-14 Football Team

Managed by Mr Dunne and Mr Callaghan

Panel: J Farrelly, C McArdle, A Murray, J Guinan, C Hyland, Eoin Lynch, J Kiernan, K Clarke, B Campion, N Martin, S McArdle, J Coleman, P Keenan, J McMenamin, L McNally, P Martin, O Duffy, K Crawley, E Martin, S Byrne, K Mitchell, I Aherne, A McMahon

Results to date:

Friday November 23rd: St Macartans , High School

Wed Nov 28th: St Coleman's Newry, High School

Wed Dec 5th: St Mary's Belfast 3-04, High School 3-07 (Scorers: P Keenan 2-01, K Clarke 1-00, P Martin 0-01, J McMenamin 0-02, J Kieran 0-01)

Quarter Final:


The 2007-08 U14 Team

U-15 Football Team

Managed by Mr Hayes and Mr Walsh

Results to date:

18th April

High School.2-04, Downpatrick 6-07 (Scorers: K Clarke 0-02, C Cromwell 0-01, N Keenan 1-01, P Keenan 1-00, J McMenamin 0-01)


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U-18 Football Team (Senior Squad)

Managed by D McBride and L Keenan

2007-2008 Panel: Panel: D McKenna, D Marron, A Matthews, D Traynor, C Wakely, C Smith ( c ), C Deery, C Ward, J Farrell, M Tully, R Lorenz, R Freeman, B McNally,J Farrelly, B Reilly, E Markey, P O'Hanlon, J McMahon, N Tully, R Foley, C McMahon

Results to date:

Fri 16th November: High School 4-11, Our Lady's Castleblayney 1-06

Tues 20th November: Holy Cross College Strabane 0-05, High School 3-12 (Scorers: R Freeman 2-00, B Reilly 0-05, R Lorenz 0-03, J Farrelly 1-00, J Farrell, 0-02, C Smith 0-01, C Deery 0-01)

Tues Dec 4th: High School 2-10, St Pat's Downpatrick 0-10


The 2007/08 Senior Team

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