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Football 08/09

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U-13 Team 1: 12 Man Blitz Panel

Managed by D McBride and P Martin

Results to date:

Wed 8th of October, Blitz
(All scores counted as points)

Panel: D Eakin, C McClory, M Murnaghan, J McEneaney, P McArdle, S McClory, C McKeown, D Meegan, A Birdy, R Curtis, A McCahey, C Sullivan

Round 1:
High School 0-10, Beech Hill 0- (Scorers: D Meegan 0-01, C Sullivan 0-04, A McCahey 0-03, R Curtis 0-01, S McClory 0-01)

Round 2: High School 0-15, Colaiste Oriel 0-00 (Scorers: R Curtis 0-02, A McCahey 0-05, C McClory 0-01, D Meegan 0-05, C Sullivan 0-02)

Semi Final: High School 0-04, St Macartan's 0-10 (Scorers: C McClory 0-04)


Wed 12th November, Regional Secondary Schools 9-a-side Blitz

The school entered 2 teams, High School 1 and High School 2

High School 1 Panel: R Curtis, D Eakin, A McCahey, C McClory, C McKeown, C Sullivan, P McArdle, S McClory, M Murnaghan, A Birdy, J McEneaney, D Meegan

High School 2 Panel: D Boylan, P Kirk, C Murray, R McNally, M Metzger, C O'Halloran, R Owens, S Woods, J Carolan, J Lambe, T Conlon

Rd 1: High School 1 bt Keady 1
High School 2 bt Virginia 2

Rd 2: High School 1 lost to Armagh 1
High School 2 lost to St Pat's Armagh 2

Rd 3: High School 1 bt Virginia 1
High School 2 bt Virginia 2

Rd 4: High School 1 lost to St MaCartans 1
High School 2 bt St MaCartans 2

Rd 5: High School 2 lost to St Mogue's Bawnboy


Pictured below are the combined 9-a-side Blitz U13 Panel for 2008-2009

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U-14 Team 2 - B Competition: Full Panel

Managed by S Rafferty and D Halpenny

R Owens, R McNally, M Murnaghan, P McArdle, R Curtis, C McClory, D Eakin, T Conlon, S McClory, D Boylan, D Meegan, A Birdy, A McCahey, S Woods, C Sullivan, P Kirk, M Metzger, J Thornton, C O'Halloran, O Finnegan, J McEneaney


Thurs March 19th: High School 5-10, Kilkeel 1-11 (Scorers: C Sullivan 3-02, S Woods 2-01, D Meegan 0-08, A McCahey 0-01)

26th March: St Malachy's Belfast 2-09, High School 0-05 (Scorers: D Meegan 0-03, T Conlon 0-01, S Woods 0-01)

Tues March 31st: High School 4-09, St Mary's Belfast 2-07

U-15 Team

Managed by E. Cunningham and El. Coughlan

Results to date:


U-16 Team

Managed by E Dunne and M. Callaghan

Panel: J Farrelly, A McMahon, A Murray, J Guinan, L McNally, E Lynch, C Hyland, K Clarke, B Campion, C McArdle, N Martin, K Rudden, P Keenan, J McMenamin, J Coleman, D McEneaney, C Clerkin, S Byrne, I Aherne,E Martin, S McArdle

Results to date:

24th March: High School 8-13, St Pat's Cavan 0-07 (Scorers: P Keenan 3-03, L McNally 1-03, B Campion 1-02, J McMenamin 1-03, I Aherne 0-01, J Coleman 1-00, S Byrne 0-01, K Clarke 1-00)

April 20th: St MaCartan's 0 -13, High School 2-09 (Scorers: J McMenamin 0-05, A McMahon 1-01, S McArdle 1-00, P Keenan 0-01, J Coleman 0-01)

April 27th: Omagh CBS 2-07, High School 1-13 (Scorers: J McMenamin 1-07, P Keenan 0-04, J Coleman 0-01, S McArdle 0-01)

April 29th: High School 1-13, Magherafelt 2-06 (Scorers: J McMenamin 0-07, P Keenan 0-02, J Coleman 0-02, K Rudden 1-00, S McArdle 0-01, K Clarke 0-01)

Ulster Quarter Final May 15th: Maghera 1-09, High School 1-07


U-18 Team

Managed by P. Martin and L. Keenan

N Martin, R Duffy, T Duffy, J Duffy, E Lynch, C J Martin, C Martin, N Keenan, J Farrelly, C McArdle, S Rooney, K Clarke, C Cromwell, J McMenamin, C Singleton, B Woods, P Keenan, D Duffy, D McEnaney, K Rudden, J Dillon, L McNally, J Guinan

Results to date:

Tues 15th September: High School 2 - 10 St Pauls Bessbrook 1-10 (Scorers: J Dillon 1-05, C Singleton 1-01, C Cromwell 0-04)

Thurs Sep 25th: Crossmaglen 1-09, High School 0-09 (Scorers: J McMenamin 0-03, K Clarke 0-01, J Dillon 0-01, C Singleton 0-01, P Keenan 0-01, L McNally 0-01, C Cromwell)

29th October: High School 1-09, Rathmore 0-09 (Scorers: J McMenamin 0-03, N Keenan 1-03, J Dillon 0-02, P Keenan 0-01, B Woods 0-01)

Tues Nov 25th: Keady 0-014, High School 0-07 (Scorers: C Cooney 0-02, N Keenan 0-01, E Lynch 0-01, E Duffy 0-01, J Finnegan 0-01)

Below are pictured the 08-09 U16 Panel

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